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Mobile and web version of GUNROX - play on your phone and in browser.
Today we are glad to announce something
we have been working on for several months.

Now you can play GUNROX anywhere.

The link above is an alpha of the browser version of GUNROX which should work on phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, Mac, Linux, you name it. Some player
told me it even laucnhed in Xbox One browser.

This an alpha version still, so expect bugs to happen. Please post encountered bugs and
ask questions here in comments or on forum.
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In this free multiplayer online game, you control a squad of soldiers and battle with other players from around the world in turn-based combat.
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GUNROX gameplay video

Last tournament was for levels 20 - 24 on Lost Beach. Winner is shuNny-!

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Ctrl button
by CHERRY at 06:49 PM
don't forget who never forgot ...
by MEGA_ACCOUNT at 05:12 PM
Get back one feature
by ---_Viking_--- at 02:22 PM
no experience from games
by MEGA_ACCOUNT at 12:11 PM
God Sake..
by The-Avenger at 06:27 PM
cosmetic and aim mode bug
by astor at 07:26 PM
You Want to stop fakers ? here...
by There at 03:39 PM
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